Leftovers In The Truck

file1-1Something I’ve never encountered before happened yesterday and today.  The wings I got from Origin had a massive, garlic aroma.  It was so intense that our office manager, who’s office is 20 feet away from mine, had to close her door because it was so overwhelming.

My boss had to go open the door of the building outside so it could air out.  I mean these things were PUNGENT.

I put them in the fridge and when I came into work this morning I was told don’t open the fridge door.  Well I opened it and damn the smell was still crazy powerful!  There must be a ton of garlic infused in these bad boys at baking time.

file-2Anyway, I was also told they need to be gone.  I had to eat the leftovers in my truck.  I didn’t want to risk microwaving and increasing the smell in the building so I ate them cold.

But damn they are good.  It’s been an hour and I still taste roasted garlic when I burp.  Seriously, the flavor of these wings is incredible.

The meat was still very yummy but the chewy skin was starting to show.  Pieces were getting dragged and stretched out as I took a bite so I couldn’t clean them up as much as I’d like.

Anyway, solid wings overall even as cold leftovers.  If you’re a garlic lover like me I can’t recommend trying these guys enough.

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