How This Started

I eat wings… I eat a LOT of wings.  One week I had wings three or four days in a row and my wife questioned me.

“How do you do that? I like wings and all but I can’t have them more than once every couple weeks.”

I told her I could eat them every single day.  She doubted me so I started a challenge.  To eat wings every day for 30 days and so it began on Sept 1, 2016.

About Me

I’m Chris Flannagan.  I’m an internet and mobile app developer specializing in WordPress and WooCommerce back-end development and also NativeScript.js for iOS and Android apps.  I have a beautiful wife and daughter and a son on the way in Nov 2016.

I play and write music in an original rock band called Hail Dale.

I blog regularly on my website

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