Wing Challenge Day 8: White Horse Pub

Location: White Horse Pub
Count: 10
Flavors: Fiery & Chipotle
Dipping Agent: Blue Cheese

Chewy, complete opposite of crispy wings… very unfortunate.  They are big and meaty which is great, and also doused in their sauce which is also fantastic, but none of that goes far when it’s a sloppy skin mess.

The Flavors

Ordered fiery, tickled my fancy when they warned me it’s very hot.  Just put down five in under 2 minutes and barely feel a tingle.  Nope.  Tastes like a typical hot sauce, nothing special.  Can barely enjoy it because it’s soaked into a chewy, gooey mess of a chicken wing.

Chipotle flavor is soaked in the sauce, looks amazing, big chunks of chipotle peppers and such.  Where’s the flavor? So freaking mild and boring it’s sad.  Doesn’t pop at all.

It’s like taking a can of Goya Chipotle Adobo and just dunking the wings in it.  Gotta give me more than that, this ain’t barbacoa.

Blue Cheese

The blue cheese was top shelf: Thick with big ass chunks.  Not enough to save them here though.  Sorry White Horse, but your wings suck.

Overall Score: 3/10


One comment

  1. NEVER GOING BACK!!! PLEASE DON’T GO ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A MILLENNIAL, the are not friendly to younger people and would rather take advantage of you!!!

    By the way the owner said all of the stated below is my banks fault not him, his servers, or his fault. Please feel free to dispute this because it is already on at least half a dozen sites.

    I’ve been to this restaurant multiple times for food and the steak and cheese not a steak and cheese in the UK, was great the food is good it is traditional British Pub Food and the environment is great, but the staff are horrible especially the owner’s customer service.

    For the first time I decided to go the bar instead of sitting down. HUGE MISTAKE. I got three drinks a moscow mule on special for $5, a shot of whiskey for $5, and a yuengling for $3.75. Not bad. I told them specifically take my cash first since my debit and my credit cards have spending limits on it and it will deny everything past that limit. The bartender then charged my card for $12.16 the limit and said I couldn’t pay despite specifically telling them I would pay a tip in cash after settling instead the bartenders pocketed the five dollar tip and told me card was declined despite having a balance of over of $100. I specifically told them to take the cash before charging my card on my tab of like $13.75. They didn’t listen took one of my drinks away then pocketed my cash, and left an enormous tip that zeroed my account.

    I tried to talk to the manager or owner or whatever, but he barely spoke English, then the bartender that stole my tip came up to me threatened me with “physically throwing me out and never seeing me here again.” And to call the police when I was telling the manager I don’t care about the money it is the principal that I told the bartender to take the cash out of the balance and then I would tip them on my card.

    Place is a sham now, don’t waste your time despite the inviting atmosphere and oh the sign blinks because the owner is too cheap to get it repaired, and don’t eat anything that can be prepared in anyway besides fully cooked because my girlfriend and I both got sick off the food twice out of the five times we’ve been there together, and I heard a worker saying TONIGHT and I quote “You should have just spit in it then.” If you want a bar don’t choose this place, if you want a restaurant don’t choose this place, and if you want to be treated fairly and to your service needs don’t choose this place, coming from a fast food manager. I’ll be putting this up on google and multiple other sites so this “front” of an establishment can’t pay to have this taken down.

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