Contributing Outline

If you are interested in contributing, please keep some guidelines in place and be sure to note certain aspects.  Don’t be afraid to stray from this structure based on your writing style and the experience but try to keep a similar outline.  Got something to say? Contact me.


Give a brief introduction of the location, any experience you’ve had there and anything that caught your attention upon visiting.

The Wings.

Give a rundown on the wings.  How they look, are they inviting? When you bit in were they juicy inside, crispy outside? Did anything taste off or amazing?

The Flavors

Sauced? Dry Rubbed? What did you get and how was it? Did the sauce cover the wing well or was it blotchy? Did it ruin the experience or make it better?


Wrap up your thoughts here.  Be sure to include the dipping agent and how you felt about it.

Sign off with an Overall Score of 1-10 out of 10.  We aren’t scared of giving 10s, just as long as NOTHING stood out to you that could be improved upon right away.