Wing Challenge Day 1 Review: Wing House

Location: Wing House Bradenton (U.S. 41)
Count: 10
Flavor: Mango Habanero
Dipping Agent: Blue Cheese

First off the environment was rough. Haven’t felt like an object in quite some time. Apparently tattoos, a beard and a trucker hat get you a lot of attention from the scantily clad staff in this joint. I feel violated.

The wings were cooked well though I prefer my extenders to have the tip cut off whereas they keep them on here. Outside crispy, inside tender how I like it.

The sauce was a disappointment. The flavor was underwhelming at best and the heat level, for being 2nd hottest on the menu under exxxxxtreme heat, was almost none-existent.

The biggest let down was the blue cheese… fucking Ken’s. Dammit.

Overall big 3.5/10. That said, (unbreaded) wings are wings and I’d eat 10 more right now if they were in front of me.

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