Instant Ramen Review: SHIN RAMYUN Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

This isn’t your college days ramen, this is $2.00 per pack.  “High roller ramen” as I tend to call it.  Do you get what you pay for though? What’s that extra $1.25 got on the more economic alternatives?

Kind of…

It’s definitely a level up on flavor.  The brother is deeper in character, has a callous bitterness that help balance the big beefy tastes.  The bitterness reminds me of cilantro but I don’t think that’s it.  Still, its a welcome dimension to this flavor profile.

The spice is where it’s at.  First bite gives a full, Thai pepper style heat.  It’s so intense that you grow concerned its going to hurt really fucking bad after a few bites.  But it doesn’t.  The heat does build but it peaks at “I can keep going” level.  Awesome heat here.

The biggest surprise was the actual chunks of dehydrated beef and shitake mushrooms.  Legit ingredients that are visible and present throughout the eating experience.

The noodles are the same as the cheaper versions, nothing special.  Overall, it’s a great dry ramen pack and worth the extra $1.25 splurge on occasion.

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