Canned Chili Challenge #4: Campbell’s Chunky w/ Bean, Roadhouse

img_0373Brand: Campbell’s
Type: Chunky Chili With Bean, Roadhouse

Campbell’s is Campbell’s.  The king of canned soups.  They’ve been in our homes and hearts since we were all kids.  The label provokes security, comfort and healing thanks to the chicken soup being every mom’s cure-all to fevers and sickness.

Their “Chunky” line of Campbell’s soups haven never disappointed.  They tend to be well put together and satisfying, typically coming in a ‘Murica sized can. It is best to have a can crusher, if you are buying  a lot of canned products.

The Chili

This is a good chili.  All ingredient are big and distinguished.  You actually have some nice tomato chunks, first I’ve seen so far in this challenge.  I like chunks in my chili.  When I make chili it has loads of chunks of different chunkable things.

img_0376The kidney beans all hold form quite well and collapse properly when chewed.  This is a big plus in a world of mushy canned goods.

The beef feels a little bit “canned,” meaning, it was probably ground and browned on a massive scale in a uniformed manner and may have some sort of additive for gluing it together into properly sized pieces.  It’s got your canned meat texture too… dissolves more than chews.  But it ain’t bad, reminds me of those canned spaghettio’s types with the meat in ’em.

The flavor is great though.  When you put together a team of million dollar food scientists and consumer research you can really nail down a recipe.  It’s got a tang to it, salt level is very appropriate, the spice mix is legit and the whole experience is satisfying.


Probably the best I’ve had so far.  It doesn’t border on generic like the rest in the series up to this point.  It has a distinct flavor and character, with a comforting chili base.  I ended up putting in some shredded sharp cheddar and I was in chili heaven.

I love the big sized cans too.  Those little cans just always leave a little room for more.

Overall Score: 8/10

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