Canned Chili Challenge #9: Trader Joe’s Chicken Chili w/ Beans

Trader Joe’s Turkey Chili was some of the best I’ve had out of a can.  Way better than the beef so I was optimistic about giving the chicken variety a try.

The Chili

The appearance and composition is very well put together.  There’s variety in size of the exemplary chunkiness between the beans, meat and veggies.  It’s a good earthy Alabama red clay color and keeps a solid consistency on the spoon.

The flavor isn’t bad. Fortunately it has a little character of it’s own though not really what I’m after.  A bit heavy on the onion, the tomato flavor needs to be cut more and something else I can’t put my finger on.  Spice presence is extremely minimal.  I would prefer it a bit more round in variety.

The chicken is irritating.  From what I can tell it’s completely ground chicken which just doesn’t work right except maybe if it’s ground super fine into a chicken sausage.  I’m getting odd bits of what should be shreddable chicken meat but they are tiny portions clumped together causing a bit of confusion in my mouth.

It’s like pre-chewed chicken breast.


Overall it’s not bad.  I’m gonna eat it all and be satisfied with my lunch, but it leaves me yearning for something better.  Stick with the Turkey Chili at Trader Joe’s.

Overall Score: 5/10

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