Review: Old Florida White Con Queso

A Lucky’s super market just opened in town and so far I’ve been impressed.  My wife spotted this on the shelves today so of course I had to try it.  I find the name funny.  “White Con Queso” means “White With Cheese” … not sure they know how Spanish works.  Also, shouldn’t it be Blanco Con Queso? There’s a random English in there fellas.  Or why not just, you know, Queso Blanco?

Not worried, name is a name, let’s see how they do this queso.


This one is kind of weird.  It’s not a refrigerated queso.  When you open it, it’s solid as fuck.  Like hold the jar upside down solid.

It looks gross when you scoop it out but after heating it seems normal enough.  It clings to a chip well.  After a couple of minutes though it really starts solidifying back to it’s gelatinous state again.  Ehhhhh, don’t like that.


This tastes more like spices than cheese.  it’s not bad, I mean, I’m enjoying it well enough.  It’s got a great little heat that lingers.

There’s a strong tanginess that I can’t pinpoint.  It’s not vinegar.  It’s almost like sour creamish.  Hard to tell for sure.  Again, not bad.  It’s just a bit unexpected.


I won’t be buying it again.  There’s no real queso aspect to it.  It’s a fine dip and if you love the flavor, bravo, eat it up.  This white with cheese is not for me though.

Overall Score: 3/10

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