Review: Gordo’s Cheese Dip – Mild

“The new taste of old Mexico”

That’s the claim on the label.  And it’s a bold claim, so let’s dive in!


Found this cube shaped, refrigerated queso at Publix for just under $5.  After heating a few times, way less than the other refrigerated ones I’ve reviewed, it was perfect.  Nice and warm and goopy.  Chip cling was fantastic and it’s like trying to wash glue out of my beard.


This is not a deep or complex queso.  It doesn’t have a bunch of flavor layers or any crazy exciting spices popping.  What it does have is what you are looking for.

You know that Mexican restaurant in your town? The one you consider your favorite? It’s always busy on week nights and slammed on weekends.  It’s family owned and all six kids in the family are working as the wait staff.  Everyone’s happy and not a single person goes without ordering a bowl of queso.

That’s it.  That’s what we have here.  A smooth, perfectly melted and excellently flavored queso blanco.  I’m dying to find their other varieties now as the mild has barely any heat but it is there.  The label doesn’t lie, this queso is quite mild in the heat department.


Mild queso score: 10/10
Overall score: 9/10

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