Lox’ n Egg Bread Company

Location: Lox’ n Egg
Dish: Breakfast

Before I tear this breakfast apart let me say some preemptive positive aspects.

  1. I’ve never had their bagels, I don’t like bagels.
  2. I’ve never had their lox, I’m not a huge fan and don’t seek it out.
  3. The staff were incredibly friendly and the environment was enjoyable.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about my meal.

The Omelet Wrap

I ordered an omelet wrap.  I just wanted a hot breakfast.  My wife had been wanting to check this place out so we checked the menu and it had stuff I could eat.  When I say stuff I could eat I mean that breakfast for me involves hot meat, fresh eggs and typically some cheese and/or gravy.

The wrap is pathetic.  The wrap to filings ratio is incredibly out of proportion.  First I had to tear off a good 1/3 of the wrap that did nothing but add filler to the outside.  Then I found myself digging through layers and layers of wrap with thin layers of egg, cheese and bacon in between.

When ordering I asked for cheddar and they informed me “we only have American cheese slices.”  American “cheese?” You mean the thin squares of plastic flavored to taste like some sort of weird cheese product?

I’m not a total hater when it comes to American cheese.  It has its place on a drunk night’s grilled cheese or covering some tots.  But it’s not appropriate for an omelet or a general eggs covering agent.

The eggs? Dude, with “egg” in the name of the establishment I’d expect more.  They were scrambled incredibly dry.  There was nothing fluffy or moist about this cheese board.

The Browns

The hash brown I got was obviously a frozen patty before it was slapped on a skillet.  I know it wasn’t in a deep fryer because one side was browned and crispy and the other was mushy and covered in oil.  Just look at the pictures, look at my fingers.


And the icing on this shit cake was the packets of hunt’s ketchup they gave me.  The dude asked if I wanted ketchup, and let me tell you, this dude was super nice and gave me a very friendly smile.  But this breakfast was crap.


I can’t give a 0 here.  I mean the food was edible.  It wasn’t old or stale, it just wasn’t prepared well at all.  Maybe check out the bagels if that’s what you’re into, but avoid the hot breakfast.

Side note: my daughter’s blueberry muffin was pretty damn tasty.

Overall Score: 4/10

One comment

  1. I have never had anything but bagels there. Their bagels ate good-better than lots of others in town. They do a ham,egg, cheese bagel sandwich that is pretty good. They toast the bagel, the ham is off the grill and the egg is fried. Pretty sure it is that american cheese. I’m not a huge fan, would prefer cheddar.

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