Five Star Pizza (Wings)

Location: Five Star Pizza
Count: 5
Flavors: Teriyaki
Dipping Agent: None

… dude, not bad.

img_0505Seriously, I expected the worst from a late night, pizza delivery place.  But shit, these are quite nice.

No weird fat globules.  No strange crunchy bits.  Bones are holding structure.  I’m… I’m seriously ok with this.

Let’s be real for a minute.  If you order wings from a fast food delivery shop, what are you expecting? Exactly: A temporary solution to a sad situation.

The skin is chewy, but it’s not a big wad of chewed up gum.  It’s just, not quite crispy.  The meat is pretty tender and the flavor? I’m good with it.  Strong teriyaki, not much else, but it’s not pure soy sauce.  It’s got character.

I’m pretty drunk. It’s the holidays and family is best enjoyed with booze and late night delivery.  But I’m sober enough to know these wings are pretty acceptable.  They came with a Ken’s dipper, didn’t even open that nasty shit.

Overall Score: 6/10

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