Review: Chipotle’s New Queso Cheese Sauce

Chipotle has been a long time love of mine.  When there was one across from my office I went multiple times a week.  My favorite is a salad bowl with chicken and steak, double hot salsa, corn salsa, sour cream and cheese.

I always said that the only thing Chipotle could to do be any better was have some queso.  Well they finally did it, and they fucking ruined it.  I say that as I sit here eating it for the first time.

I had read some reviews and pretty bad press on it.  I figured it couldn’t be that bad, it’s hard to make bad cheese.  The reviews constantly mentioned it being “grainy” and the PR reply from Chipotle was they use nothing but natural ingredients which makes their “queso” offering unique.

Well fucking use some chemicals and hormone filled food then because this natural shit is awful.  It’s definitely got that, now somewhat famous, grainy texture.  Tastes and feels like some sort of powdered cheese they mix up with skim milk.

Yellow? Seriously?

Second, it’s not queso blanco.  The world wants queso blanco.  We don’t want chunky yellow cheese dip when eating our tortilla chips.  Shame on Chipotle for even thinking yellow was ok.

So a bit grainy, not the color/style I usually like, no big deal.  Should still be an enjoyable experience.  Nope, somehow chipotle managed to make this side practically flavorless.  It is so bland I won’t even dump it on my bowl.  I’ve never had a queso served with food that I wasn’t willing to dump on the rest of my meal.

Fortunately the bowl is still as delicious as usual so they should continue to get my money.  It is irritating to see the queso signs every where, but I suspect those won’t be around for long.

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