Review: El Terrifico Tamale Co White Cheese Dip – Mild

If there’s one thing about the refrigerated versions of cheese deep that gets me, it’s the heating process.  Between every short heating duration you have to stir it and the first few times is like stirring a giant glob of bubble gum.  It’s a pain to get off the spoon and not make a mess.

But I digress…


Today I found a new one I hadn’t had before.   It’s $4.99 in the refidgerated cheese area at Publix.

It has a pretty standard queso flavor with a nice hint of heat.  I’d say it’s flavor leans more towards melted American slices and Velveeta than a proper queso.

In no way am I saying it’s bad and the heat creeps up a bit after a few bites, it’s just a bit plain and very chain restaurant-y.


A+ on consistency.  Not much else to say there, gooey and clingy to the chip.  Tonight I cooked up a cheap steak and diced it into slices.  I dipped those in and it was a wonderful experience.


This is a fine queso.  Don’t expect anything special but it does the trick and doesn’t let you down.

Overall Score: 6.5/10

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