What Now?

Tomorrow is day 30.  I’ve done my duty.  I’ve eaten chicken wings every single day since September 1st.  I’m at 333 wings in 29 days (a nice round number, literally).

When I eat my tender, delicious morsels of Hähnchen tomorrow, that’s the end of a thing… a journey? a situation? I’m feeling very existential right now and not sure what to call it.

Hähnchen: German for chicken, this is relevant shortly.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to pick the finale’s location.  My good friend Katrin (pronounced CAT-REN) who is from Deustchland, was there when the wall came down, seriously bonafide German chick, recommended this place Stottlemyers Smokehouse.  So that’s the plan.

I have no clue how I’ve never heard of this place.  Word is their BBQ is top notch.  CAT-REN has not had the wings though but says the food is amazing so we have to anticipate the wings are solid as well.  My only concern…

BBQ places often lose sight on the absolute necessity of crispy when it comes to wings.  I’m hoping we can find what I’m after here.  But here’s the deal, I’ll taste the pork or beer or whatever my cohorts order as well and give you a proper BBQ review on top of the wing review.

Day 30, here I come.  I feel I should hit 350 wings to make it legit so that’s the goal.  If I did 15 today no problem, 13 tomorrow should be a cake walk.

Where Do We Go From Here?

This blog was never intended.  In fact, I was told I should do it a few days after I started my 30 day challenge.  And this shit blew up!  I’ve had close to 8000 views in 29 days on a brand new website.  80% of that is local traffic (want to advertise?).

I got asked to judge a BBQ competition and a Wing competition coming up.  I’ve been invited and given free wings to review.  I’ve upped the wing eating statistics by a fair percentage in this town.  A video of me eating wings nearly silently got hundreds, close to 1000 views.  I can’t count how many times someone has said to me “I got the wings tonight because of your blog.”  I get it, wings are amazing, so are you.

So I’m going to spread my legs and touch lots of dirty things.  I’m thinking beer reviews, BBQ reviews and whenever-whatevers of things I should write about in the food & drink world.  If you want to contribute, fuckin’ a, please do! I’d love to have some more writers cause this shit is exhausting.


Love you all, everyone taking the time to read my rants on food (wings).  I like doing this.  There’s no real money in it, but it’s one of those simple joys.  So here’s to tomorrow, day 30, the pinnacle.  Hang out with your wang out (and think of me).

Namaste? Nah, NahmeEAT!


  1. Why not branch out, attempt to create the holy grail of wings at home using the highlights of your reviews. Find the best aspect of every wing you ate and try to make one wing that has it all.

    Then you can tackle the sauces.

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