Wing Challenge Day 1 (Part 2) Review: Buffalo Wild Wings

Location: Buffalo Wild Wings (Clark Rd.)
Count: 11
Flavors: Mango Habanero, Caribbean Jerk & Spicy Curry
Dipping Agent: Blue Cheese

Well my wife said after she saw my lunch post she almost got wings today at Buffalo Wild Wings.  That put the trigger in my brain and  I had to have some, especially after the last batch…

B-Dubs always gets a bad rap amongst amateur wing “experts” primarily because it’s a chain.  I get it.  But at the same time I never turn down a trip.

I have no shame in saying I love their sauces.  No matter what, I always get their Mango Habanero and the others I cycle between: Spicy Garlic, Asian Zing & Caribbean Jerk.  Sometimes I venture into other territory but that’s my comfort zone.

Mango Habanero: Quite sweet with a great heat.  If I eat six of these quick I have to take a little break and let the fire in my mouth calm down.  The mango flavor is solid though a little diluted by what is probably corn syrup, but dammit it’s addicting.

Spicy Garlic: Great garlic presence, not much heat, always well coated on the bird.

Caribbean Jerk: Love.  It’s got an earthy, paprika flavor with a smoky hint.  The heat is very present but extremely bearable.

IMG_2064There is room for improvement though.  There’s a serious lack in consistency when it comes to size.  Here’s a pick of my littlest guy tonight.  I was very happy to only have one little nubby one, I’m used to about 15-20% of the basket being these guys here.

Overall they could all be meatier but they are cooked great, super crispy with juicy innards.

BWW earns a solid 7/10

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