Wing Challenge Day 30: Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse

img_2504Location: Stottlemyer’s Smokehouse
Count: 12
Flavors: Smoked, Buffalo
Dipping Agent: Ranch, Blue Cheese

Here we are, day 30.  I’ve had 345 wings in 30 days.  Think I’m gonna go find 5 more tonight to make it an even 350.

I’m not going to lie, I need a break.  Not from the wings, I love wings, I would love to continue eating them every day if feasible.  But fact is it’s extra money and it’s kind of a pain in the ass figuring out where to get them from, finding the time of day to order and pick up and so on when I’m chasing a 5 year old around, working my ass off and wanting to spend time with my lovely wife.

All that said, this blog is going no where.  I’m gonna come up with a new challenge in a week or so.  Let’s move on to this last review.

The Venue

img_2506This place is cool.  I’ve never been before, nor had I heard of it.  It’s behind a Texaco.  They had a small restaurant in the gas station that got really popular so they built out a full on facility.  It’s got the biggest tiki hut patio area I’ve ever seen.  Great vibe and I hear they have live music regularly.

It’s a BBQ joint.  My wife got the ribs, they were solid.  Amazing? Nah, but really good.  The BBQ is legit.  Don’t expect change-your-life smoked meats.  Just go in looking for some good, ol’ fashion BBQ.

The Wings

img_2507They offered fried or smoked and just the buffalo sauce I think, can’t recall if they had other flavors.  I got 6 of each.

The smoked wings were great.  Super tender, meaty, perfect size, no bones breaking and the skin was a good mix of crispy & leather.  Not in a bad way, smoking gives the wing skin a little leathery-ness that’s actually really nice.

My only issue here is the smoke penetration.  They just didn’t have a big smoke flavor.  It was there, you could taste it, but it was in the background and didn’t linger.  They were probably using oak or apple wood or something like that.  Go hickory or go home, baby!

img_2508Every one at the table felt my disappointment when the fried wings came out breaded.  I do. not. like. breaded wings.  Wings are supposed to be crispy skin and tender meat.

These were good.  I was surprised how good they were.  They are battered up like some really top notch fried chicken breasts/thighs.  There was nothing soggy about this breading which is usually the biggest downfall.

If you are into breaded wings I can’t recommend this place enough.

The Flavors

Pretty sure their “home made recipe” was just Frank’s with a little something extra.  But they had some house BBQ sweet sauce, chipotle hot sauce and cayenne hot sauce on the table that were all really good and unique.  The BBQ sauce reminded me of KC Masterpiece though which just isn’t my jam.


img_2510It was pretty funny when the waitress came out to check on us after we started eating.  My friend, Scott, told her he was amazed how good the breaded wings are because he typically hates breaded wings (A man of my own passions obviously).  The waitress said she was nervous giving them to us because they never bread them.  She asked the kitchen manager why they were breaded and he told her “depends who’s cooking.”  Weird.

The wings were damn good and I can’t dock too much for the breading when they pulled it off so well AND it’s not the norm.  Also the blue cheese was fan-freaking-tastic.  Found a massive chunk in it too.

This place makes really good wings, def go with the smoked though.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

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