Wing Challenge Day 30: Shaner’s Pizzeria

Location: Shaner’s Pizzeria
Count: 6
Flavors: Hot
Dipping Agent: Blue Cheese

Already hit the goal for today with 12 wings earlier but sitting at 345 I just had to get 350.  So Shaner’s is right by our house and I hear good things about their pizza, wings should be ok.  I’m always hesitant with wings from a pizza house though as they tend to either bake them or just make them because they are supposed to as a pizza place.

Shaner’s is cool though.  It’s owned by former MLB rock star Shane Rawley who played for a multiple teams in the 80’s.  It’s pretty fun to go in there and see him running around.  He got my food and ran my credit card tonight and is SUPER friendly to guests.  He was first signed by the Expos and so was my dad’s college room mate and family friend, Andy McGaffigan.  I’ve been meaning to ask if he knows him.  Last I heard from Andy he called me up in 2009 and tried to sell me insurance, it was awkward.

The Wings

img_2518I saw the wings and was a little disappointed.  It looked like they weren’t cooked very crispy, the skin seemed to glow a light yellow which typically means chewy skin I’m gonna be pulling out of my mouth.


They were crispy! And the meat was pretty tender, a touch dry but not bad.  One flat did break the bone when pulling the meat off and that’s a sign of frozen too long wings.  But one out of six isn’t a deal breaker.

I was really happy with these guys overall.  They were the nice size and the blue cheese was HUGE for six wings.  And it was quality!

The Flavors

Not much to say, it was standard hot buffalo which is all you really need.  I was very happy that it actually did have some heat.  Like, they have medium, mild and hot options and typically a place will just dump more of the same sauce depending on heat level.  They actually did something to it to give it a bump in the spice department and that makes me happy.


img_2516Well, overall, it’s not a home run but it’s damn good wings (see what I did there?).  And my wife LOVED the pizza she got.  It looked delicious, but I didn’t eat any.

She said the thin crust was perfect.  I’m with her on that, I don’t like a ton of dough in my pizza, the dough is a serving vessel for the toppings.  She also said the veggies were fresh and crisped up real nice from the oven.  She finds a lot of veggie pizzas the veggies get a bit soggy.

So there ya go! Shaner’s is a winner in my book.

Overall Score: 7.5/10


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