Wing Challenge Day 5: Gecko’s Grill & Pub (The Landings)

Location: Gecko’s @ The Landings
Count: 10
Flavors: Peach Bourbon Moonshine, Pineapple Jamaican Jerk
Dipping Agent: Blue Cheese

Gecko’s is a staple round these parts and I’m as big of a fan as anyone.  I often go there for the wings because they are consistently yummy.  Thick, meaty and cooked right.  They have a few caveats keeping them from perfection though so let’s go through these issues.

The Sauces

IMG_2185Typically I just go with Hot.  You won’t get much heat but it’s a solid, garlicy wing sauce that does you no harm and goes down good.  The varieties leave a bit to be desired.

The consistency of the more “crazy” sauces like I had today is more like a jam than a sauce.  It just doesn’t coat well.  Don’t be afraid cook up them sauces with a little corn starch, it does wonders.

The flavor is good.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It just doesn’t POP big flavor.  In my opinion a crazy sauce with three flavors in the name (Peach Bourbon Moonshine) should need no dipping agent.  That is not the case here.

The Agent

IMG_2184The blue cheese is pathetic.  Watery, flavorless and just some sandy, granules of blue.  A blue cheese makes or breaks a complete wing experience and this is just unacceptable when you have such a high quality meat.

There should never be any blue cheese left when I finish 10+ wings.   I should be scraping the got-dang dippy cup with my tongue.

Big plus though is the celery is always great.  Thick, big and crunchy!

Overall 7.5/10 for Gecko’s.



  1. Just walked past a guy at work, taking a nice smelling chicken item out of the microwave. Chicken wings? No, BBQ chicken. Disappointment ensues. But wait! There is this wonderful wing blog. Thanks for the laughs and truths sir

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