Moore’s Original Buffalo Wing Sauce

When it comes to wing sauce it can seem pretty straight forward.  Simple is awesome, but there’s plenty of room to get legendary.  I have some favorites, and I’ll post some reviews of them up as I get to them but going to start this off with the one I had in my fridge: Moore’s Original.

Moore’s is a company dedicated to sauces and marinades.  I haven’t had their other shit but I’ve bought this bottle more than once.  It’s got a solid balance for the whole family.

When a company calls it’s heat level “medium” I’m almost always disappointed.  You should feel medium.  You should be able to eat a half dozen bites and have a noticeable increase in heat in your mouth hole after each one. It should not cause you any real pain.

Moore’s nails it.  They also do one other thing right on the money which is the consistency of the sauce.  It ain’t watery nor is it thick and syrupy.  It’s great for coating or dipping.

My only improvement, and since this is my blog based on my opinion I’m allowed to pick what makes it better, would be a garlicy background.  That to me is the perfect wing sauce.

Overall it’s a fantastic, no bull shit wing sauce at a solid 8.5/10.

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