Canned Chili Challenge #6: Winn-Dixie with Beans

Since I’m scooping up every canned chili I see on the shelf to review I couldn’t leave this glorious can out.  Look at that incredible, ambiguous labeling! Helluva branding job there.

The Chili

img_0448Tasted it cold before sticking in the nukrawave.  Wasn’t bad, seemed a touch bland, had a good tomato backbone too it though.

After heating up and stirring a bit, the first thing I noticed was the chunkiness.  This chili actually looks very inviting.  It’s loaded with pinto beans and meat.  The biggest surprise was the massive chunks of beef! Holy shit they’re huge and aplenty!

Sadly, like most average chilis, the chunks are limited to beef and beans.  That’s why I’m such a huge fan of Stagg’s, it has big chunks of peppers and tomatoes and such.

The flavor leaves a lot to be desired.  It’s very passive.  Some cheese would help take it up a notch, but this one is dying for some heat and variety.

It’s so bland you can taste the flavor of the bean skins: a bit stringent and cardboard-like.  I’m not even sure a hot sauce could take this to a likable level.


Points to the beef chunks.  They are big and lovely and have a fine texture.  Unfortunately they can’t save this bowl of mud.

Overall Score: 3/10



      1. Skyline is Cincinnati style from a chain that started there. There was on in Bradenton 20 some years ago. Typically eaten over pasta.

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