Canned Chili Challenge #1: Armour with Beans

img_0359Brand: Armour
Style: With Beans

I love me some chili.  I’ve made huge batches and eaten it every day for a couple weeks.  Canned chili is something I’m quite ok with.  There’s a few brands I’ve bought regularly.  Stagg being my favorite but hard to find.  There’s a Firehouse Chili from Campbell’s Chunky that I’ve enjoyed quite a bit.

So I’m gonna get all I can find and review them.  I’ve avoided some of the lesser appealing brands and labels but fuck that, let’s get ’em in.

The Chili

This can looks intimidating.  And coming out of the can (the actual can) is even more so.  It holds form pretty well.  It’s dense.

It has a lovely grey brown tone and some visible chunks of beans and meat.  There’s no sign of anything else so I’m guessing they used straight up spices for the onion, garlic, etc. or it all just got blended/mashed together at some point before throwing in the beans and meat.

img_0365The flavor is cool.  It actually tastes grey.  You know how sometimes you just taste a color? I’m tasting a shade here.

I’m honestly ok with it.  It’s boring, but even boring chili is comforting.  There’s a slight spicy heat.  It’s mellow though you can’t miss it.

The beans are kind of mushy.  In fact, it’s like some spiced up refried beans made with some kidney beans blended in.

There are various sized meat chunks, also pretty mushy.  Just not a lot of variance in texture here.  Some of the meat bites don’t really feel like meat.

I added some shredded, sharp cheddar after some pure tastings.  It helps?


Pretty bland and extremely simple.  Best use would probably be mixed in with some Velveeta for a cheese dip or on a chili dog where it’s an addition to a dish.  I actually mixed it up with some easy mac my wife had made and it was decent.

Overall Score: 4/10 

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