Challenge Day 3: Sous Vide & Grilled

Location: Kyle’s house
Count: 5
Sauce: Death Pepper
Dipping Agent: None

I’m at a crazy private beer and meat party in Ohio for the weekend.  One dude brought his sous vide contraption and cooked a lot of awesome stuff with it including some wings for me.  Another dude brought 5+ year old jar of homemade death pepper sauce that was so freaking tasty.

The wings were slapped on the grill after cooking to proper temp in the sous vide.  They were meaty and delicious.  I honestly have 0 complaints about these wings beyond he tried serving them to me without grilling and the skin was so rubbery I couldn’t even chew it.  Quick flame fixed that right up.  I’ll give these a 10/10 cause I see no faults after the grilling.

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