Wing Challenge Day 2: B-Dubs Blazin’

Location: Buffalo Wild Wings (Somewhere in Ohio)
Flavor: Blazin’
Count: 5
Dipping Agent: None

I’m in Ohio for a private beer & meat event.  It’s in the middle of no where and BWW was my only option for wings so had to do them again.  Decided to go with the Blazin’ this time, their hottest of sauces.

IMG_2117I’ve had them before but I don’t recall it being too too hot.  Like it hurt, but I had no problem putting a couple down.  Not this time.

I ate three really fast.  Before I could start the fourth I was in crazy pain.  They had slathered the sauce all over these guys.

I ran outside and drank four bottles of water then laid down on the deck until I could function again.

Overall the heat level is exactly what you ask for, blazin’ ass hot.  The wings were solid, well cooked only issue is flavor was boring which if I’m eating some crazy it’d be nice to at least have a good flavor behind it. 6.5/10


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