Wing Challenge Day 4: Buckeye Cafe

Location: Buckeye Cafe (Columbus, Ohio airport)
Count: 2
Flavor: Traditional Buffalo
Dipping Agent: Blue Cheese

I’m so outrageously pissed off right now.  First off I’m sobering up from a 48 hour drunk fest and my body hurts and my head is fuzzy.  I’m not in the best mood and I just wanted some fucking wings.

IMG_2160Look at this fucking atrocity.  Bones jutting out every where, the “crispy” parts of the skin look like patches of dirt, I’m not even sure some of these are from a chicken.

I was scared to eat these guys, they look like I’ll get food poisoning just from smelling them.  I forced myself to eat two and I regret it.  The meat was so frail it basically dissolved when it hit my saliva.  I want to throw up just thinking about it.

The “sauce” had literally no flavor.  This wretched meal served to me is really grinding my fucking gears.  Fuck this place.  Now I have to find some decent wings.

Overall score: -11/10



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