Meatloaf Challenge

I hate meatloaf.  I haven’t eaten it in probably 20 years.  Whenever my mom made it I was forced to ingest it but I was never a happy camper.

It’s my dad’s favorite dish.  We will go to an awesome restaurant and he will seek out the nastiest item on the menu. “I’ll take your meatloaf please.”


Meatloaf is like eating pre-chewed up hamburgers.  It’s got soggy little bread pieces all intertwined in it.  It’s doused in ketchup and it just ain’t right.

The Challenge

I’m going out to find the “best” meatloaf options in Sarasota and review them.  I’m going to eat meatloaf for five days.  Maybe, just maybe, I can find one I actually like.  So recommendations welcome, the challenge starts on Monday, the 24th of October.

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