Rico’s Pizzeria Gulf Gate

img_0078Location: Rico’s Pizzeria Gulf Gate
Count: 12
Flavors: Honey Garlic
Dipping Agent: Honey Mustard

For some reason I had a hesitation with Rico’s.  I felt I’d had a bad wings experience there but couldn’t place my finger on when or why.  There are so many pizzerias in Gulf Gate that I probably had it mixed up with somewhere else.  I’m a big fan of their pizza.

I ordered up some wings on Sunday.  I felt like getting something other than the standard buffalo and the honey garlic sounded nice.  They asked dipping agent and after ranch and blue cheese mentioned honey mustard.  I said blue cheese but then “wait a sec… honey garlic? Yea, I like the sound of that honey mustard, let’s do that.”

The Wings

I definitely had this place confused with somewhere else.  The wings were quality.  Very crispy, meat and juicy inside.  They were the perfect size and let me tell you about that garlic presence.  TONS of garlic chunks all over it, I was in love at first sight.

They really were excellent.  No bones broke, no odd shaped wings, they were just right.  They were even on the extra crispy side but retained the juiciness.  Not a single dry bite.

The Flavor

img_0081Yum! I was really happy with it.  I prefer a coating of sauce, something a bit creamier.  This definitely was a thin bathing.  But the massive garlic chunks and real flavor made up for a lot of the downside of the thinness.  And having the honey mustard to dip in helped get the coating I was after.

But then coating it in honey mustard gave me no proper dipping agent so I was missing the blue cheese.  You can see where I’m going with this.

A wing should be coated, completely.  Only time I’d say this isn’t necessary is if the wing is smoked and/or has a fantastic dry rub.  No matter what, there should always be a dipping agent and in this scenario the dipping agent was the coating leaving me dipperless.


I can’t hate they, it was still a great wing eating experience.  I’ll be getting Rico wings every time I order there now.  I’m really excited to try the other flavors as I suspect they coat better and I’ll be sure to order blue cheese no matter what.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

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