Miller’s Ale House

Location: Miller’s Ale House
Count: 7
Flavors: Mango Habanero
Dipping Agent: Blue Cheese

My wife decided she felt like venturing out today with our newborn, first time since he came into the world 8 days ago.  We were going to get some Korean BBQ from one our favorite food trucks, BulGoGi Sarasota, out at a blood drive taking place at Rossiter’s Harley-Davidson.

When we got there the Korean BBQ truck was packing up to leave.  My buddy Charlie who runs it was obviously pissed off.  He said something about the owner of the Rossiter’s and him having some issues.  I’m not sure what the deal was.

Well the owner or maybe a manager came running over and started cursing out Charlie, “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE.  FUCKING LEAVE NOW.” and so on.  He looked at me and said “YOU’RE NOT GETTING ANY FUCKING FOOD THIS FUCKER IS LEAVING NOW!”

I had my five year old daughter with me, right next to me, and my wife and newborn.  I said, calmly, “Hey man, can you tone it down a little, my kid is right here.” She was hugging onto my wife’s leg, obviously startled at this grown man screaming and being angry and swearing like a fucking asshole.  I swear a lot, but I try to tame that around the kids.  And I sure as hell don’t get fucking angry like that in front of children.


My jaw dropped.  What a man-child.  He was completely out of control.  I was fucking livid.  That was incredibly rude and just downright careless.  I gathered my family and got out of there.  We decided to hit up Miller’s down the road.

The Wings

So yea, we got wings.  I got 10 of the mango habanero.  A buddy met us there told me to ask for them to be extra crispy, he’s eaten there a lot.

They were very inviting.  They looked fantastic when they came out.  The only issue I noticed right away was the size.  They were quite large which was expected as the menu labeled them as “Jumbo Wings.”  Y’all know by now if you’ve been reading this blog I am not a fan of really big wings.

The crisp level was good…for the most part.  It was not very consistent though.  There were a few wings that just didn’t crisp up right on half the flesh.  I ended up not even eating three of them due to this in combination with the sauce and some protruding bones which usually means some odd textured meat.

The Flavor

I really enjoyed the first wing.  Everything was great.  The crisp was solid, meat was juicy, size wasn’t too big and the flavor was lovely.

It had a strong mango flavor and nice, above medium heat.  But as I moved on to my 3rd or 4th wing, it started to get a bit overwhelming.

The sauce, as it cooled, glooped up a lot.  There’s a lot of sugar and I’m guessing corn starch in this.

It became very gelatinous and unappetizing.  I was starting to get disappointed.


Don’t give that fucking Harley place your business.

The wings were solid at first but lack of consistency and just being a little “too much” with the sauce ruined the experience and I couldn’t finish.

The blue cheese was good.

Overall Score: 5/10


  1. Your friend Charlie was screaming obscenities in our store, in our parking lot, and to our customers. You walked up at the climax of Charlie’s actions as he was being removed. Sorry for the language, but you really should know the whole story..

    1. I don’t care there was no excuse for him to talk to ME that way. Say FUCK YOU to me? Tell me to GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE? In front of my child and family? I can’t believe you are defending. This has nothing to do with how your food truck vendor was acting, how I was treated was completely and totally out of line.

      1. A personal apology was sent to you Chris via messenger. from “that guy” (me). It was a very bad situation that you walked into. Just giving you ALL the information. It was a very regrettable situation having him on our property and he was being removed from the property. While this was happening, things escalated quickly. I apologize again. It’s all I can do now.

  2. Wow! I just got a huge promotion and was planning on going to look at a bike this Friday. I’m so happy I saw this! No way will I give this business my money. I’m going to share this right now!!!

  3. Even Ray and Nikki from Mouthole were shocked. True story tho. He walked by me as he was exiting our show room cussing out loud, and everyone turning around. Then out of his trailer as loud as he could. Call it what you want. There’s plenty of blame to go around. I’ve apologized and owned up to my end to Chris, but Charlie is on his own.

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