Pizza Pros

Location: Pizza Pros
Count: 7
Flavors: Hot
Dipping Agent: None

img_0092-2These assholes should be ashamed of themselves.  I’m not even going to give them the satisfaction of a categorized review post.  I’m just going to tell you straight up these wings suck.  They are awful and they make me angry.

First, they are breaded, menu sure doesn’t say that.  I’ve forgiven breaded a couple times, I’ve also had passable wings with breading, but these are horrible and shouldn’t be considered food.

The breading slithers on your tongue like a chewed up doughy paste with dry pockets of crouton like crumbles.  It shows a complete lack of culinary skills.  There’s not a single sane human being that would taste this and think, “oh shit, I need to sell this to other people to eat.”

The saddest part of the whole ordeal is the inner wing isn’t that bad.  The meat is legit, cooked well and has a bit of juiciness to it but for some god-forsaken reason they feel the need to surround it in pure horror.

Yes, I ate them all, I was fucking hungry.

You know what else sucks?

Their website has an auto playing youtube video of their shitty infomercial.  Yea, it’s bad.

Also the fried pickles.  Man, all I wanted for my birthday lunch was some fried pickles and wings.  I was excited when both were on the menu and work was ordering it for me. (Thank you work, this is in no way saying I’m not very grateful for the free lunch).

Then I have to deal with that wing abomination.  And so I was hoping the pickles would be better… open container… ken’s ranch dipping sauce.  Unreal.

The breading on the pickles had to have been made by some odd artificial crusting agent.  It was perfectly shaped and if you tried to take a bite the entire pickle slid out every time.  It was so weird.  And awful.

Yea, I ate all of them too.


Don’t fucking eat here

Overall Score: 1/10

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