Square 1 Burgers & Bar

Location: Square 1 Burgers & Bar (Tamiami)
Count: 6
Flavors: Friggin’ Hot
Dipping Agent: Blue Cheese

I’ve always enjoyed my food at Square 1.  I don’t think I’ve strayed from their burgers before.  I do tend to get their fried pickles whenever I go too.

A reader told me they were pleasantly surprised with their wings yesterday so, of course, I had to check ’em out!

The Wings

I’m happy with the wings.  They have a good crispy skin, great tender inside and are a very appropriate size.  One drum did have half a bone showing which I don’t approve of, but otherwise not much to say.  They are solid and cooked correctly.

The Flavors

img_0210I believe he said they were called Friggin’ Hot on the phone.  He described as a sweet Thai chili.  I was expecting a gloopy sweet coating with some heat and a big sweetness like most Thai chili sauces.  But no! It’s more of a dry rub with a light glaze and it smells amazing.

I am a new fan of this flavor.  It is so yummy.  There’s a strong lime hit and a heat that reminds me of a jerk rub.  I love a good dry rub that you can feel a bit of grit in it.  The heat is not crazy but it’s real and alive.

It has a thorough sweetness and the spices remind me of a nice Caribbean blend.  There’s a bit of smokiness to it and thank god, it actually coats the entire wing.


Overall I’m a very happy camper.  The only thing that turns me off a bit is that one drum with the weird bone protruding and one of the flats bones broke as I was biting the meat off.  That always gets me because I have to figure out how to pick around the bone fragments and get the good meat.  Ruins the process.

The blue cheese is top notch.  Thick and chunky.  I’m not overly surprised as they have great food but for not advertising the wings, they are definitely much better than anticipated!

Get ya some!

Overall Score: 9/10

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