Voodoo Wings – Auburn

Location: Voodoo Wings – Auburn, AL
Count: 12
Flavors: Mango Habanero, Voodoo
Dipping Agent: Blue Cheese


I’ve been to Voodoo Wings many times previously, sadly there are not a lot of wing places in Auburn. I’ve always been satisfied with the quality of the wings and the way they are prepared. Small place nothing fancy.

The Wings

The wings came out quick, and cooked just right to me for the most part, only one was not as crisp as I like. The size lacked a little, previously the wings were bigger, but I will give a pass since they were cooked well. Juicy tender meat with a lightly crispy outside. Downside it was Hidden Valley prepackaged blue cheese.

The Flavors

Mango Habanero: When these wings arrived I was thrilled. There was a nice heavy coating of sauce and extra in the bottom of the tray. That’s where the excitement of this flavor ended. I smelled the wing sauce, as I’ve never had their MH before.

One it didn’t clear my sinuses
Two I didn’t smell that sweet island smell I was expecting.

I tried one and was sadly disappointed in my sauce selection. The consistency was good but the flavor was insulting to Mango’s and Habanero’s everywhere. It tasted more like Buffalo sauce mixed with pineapple juice.

I managed to get all 6 down, but it wasn’t pretty, and they were not hot. If it has Habanero in it, I want to feel it.

Voodoo: This has a flavor that is a complete opposite of the above. The sweetness is quickly followed up by a nice heat, not over-powering, but enough to let you know you are eating hot wings. The only downside to this sauce is the thickness.

It’s a little thin, but the wings hold it well. I would recommend getting a cup on the side for dipping. No dipping agent is needed for this flavor, but it does enhance the whole experience.


Good overall experience, nothing that just blows you away, but a solid choice for wings. I should have stayed with my go-to with the Voodoo and left the Mango Habanero to B-Dubs. Live and Learn. If the MH had been better, they would have gotten a higher score, as it is…

Overall Score: 7.5/10

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