Wing Challenge Day 15: Webber’s Hot Dogs

Location: Webber’s Hot Dogs
Count: 14
Flavors: Hot & Teryaki
Dipping Agent: Blue Cheese

I’ve passed by this place many times, never realized it had more than dogs but someone recommended I try the wings, so i did!  I got a video for this one.  While snacking on some post video I was really happy with the whole situation. Like, extremely satisfied with the wings session.   Overall score: 8/10.



  1. I’m the owner of Webber’s Hot Dogs first thanks for doing the
    30 day Wing challenge. I’m glad you enjoyed our Buffalo wings and noted ” just like Buffalo N.Y.” I would like to meet you in person and shake your hand you were spot on and know your wings! I would love you to come in to try are
    famous bbq. wing that get finish on our Charcoal grill and try anything else as my guest. Call the store at 941-925-9608 ask for me if not there leave your number. Keep up the great work you do on food.

    1. Hey Scott!! Thanks for checking out the blog an providing this town with some awesome wings. And that blue cheese!! So good!!!! I’ll be sure to hit you up soon.

  2. I tried these last Friday on your recommendation, and gotta say I was pretty impressed. I asked for extra crispy, which I don’t think was necessary, as they were almost a little too well done. Next time I’ll stick with the regular. But the wing was well cooked, nice a crispy, and the sauce was perfect for me. I got hot, which probably wasn’t hot enough for someone who really likes spice, but it was spot on for me, as I tend to prefer a medium sauce. Blue cheese was on point with sizeable chunks. I’m excited to find this place since it’s right on my way home and I stop almost every Friday at Solarzano’s for pizza, but they don’t have wings. This is a quick and easy double stop.

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