Wing Challenge Day 14: Domino’s Pizza

img_2281I was feeling lazy today.  Worked my ass off then had to entertain my 5 year old after school.  After we finally got home and I had dinner prepared for her I had no choice but to order in and I wanted to just do it online.  I hate ordering over phone with a Credit Card.

There’s those small hesitations like is she going to prompt me after four numbers or do we just take a half second breather?  So weird.

The Wings

I ate my five
I ate my quota of five … barely

Domino’s has really stepped up their pizza game this year so I figured the wings couldn’t be all that bad.  Boy was I wrong.  These things were downright nasty.  I had to choke down five of them.  I seriously gagged, I thought I was going to throw up.

The skin was like half centimeter thick raw, warm fat.  It was rubbery, slimy and absolutely horrid.  The bits of meat inside did not help.

The sauce was basically pure corn syrup with some sort of pepper extract that did give it a bit of a kick.

I’d rather choke down a pile of raw lard sprinkled in bird shit than taste these again.  It’s an absolute shame an establishment, especially one as branded as these guys, would serve these to another human.


I’m pretty sure the blue cheese dipper was elmer’s glue dabbled with specs of blue crayon.

Overall Score: 0/10

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