Wing Challenge Day 27: World Of Beer (Main St.)

Eating Wing #300Location: World of Beer on Main St.
Count: 10
Flavors: Korean Spicy (Gochujang), Garlic Parmesan
Dipping Agent: Blue Cheese

Today’s a special day.  Today I hit wing #300 of my challenge.  In fact, I’m at 308 now in 27 days.  400 would be pretty amazing but I don’t think that’s really doable.  I’d need to have 33.3 wings a day for the next three days.  I wouldn’t poop for a week.  Video below followed by the review.  Ferro’s damn ass says we’re at Mr. Beery’s cause he thinks that’s where every where is.

I’m a fan of WOB.  I have been for quite some time.  They always have a massive selection of craft beer, a clean, lounge-style environment and great food.  I’ve had the wings once before but I was pretty inebriated so all I remember was thinking “unnnggghh… wings, get ’em in me.”

The Wings

They came out looking super sexy.  And I shaped them into the pattern of the number 300.  Isn’t that cute?

They were hot out the fryer.  Well, I’m guessing a fryer though they had burnt ends that seemed like an open flame or baking, but they had the texture from a fryer.

I mean they were super crispy skins, not a soggy one in the batch.  The meat inside was incredible, it was so juicy and tender.  I’m curious if these were ever frozen because they don’t seem like it.

They were bigger than I’m usually wanting but the way they were cooked it worked.  I was unable to stop tearing into them until the last one was finished.

The Flavors

Both were delicious.  The Korean had a real Korean bbq flavor to it.  Spicy, tangy and a good overall asian vibe of soy sauce and was sprinkled with some sesame seeds.  They were coated and possibly baked in the sauce cause it was not gloopy but it was very prevalent.

The parmesan garlic were winners as well.  Fresh parmesan was melting on them as they were served.  The garlic flavor was earthy and toasted.  It was a big flavor and it was absolute delicious.


img_2478I am SO happy I got these at my 300 mile stone.  I just wanted more and more.  I honestly can’t say enough about WOB wings, they are truly magnificent and I can’t think of a single flaw.  Even the blue cheese was top notch and served in a big enough container to coat them all!

Overall Score: 10/10


  1. Gotta say you missed out here–the dry rub wings are their best by far. Which is weird because I’m normally a deep fried and Franks sauce kind of guy, but trust me, you gotta try the dry rub next time. They’re out of this world.

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