Canned Chili Challenge #7: Stagg’s Silverado

img_0499I’ve been eating the Steak House Reserve for a while now.  It’s been my sole Stagg’s experience. But being the best in it’s class lends me to believe the other varieties should hold up pretty well.

I found the Silverado varietal online and ordered a case of six cans.  I love the name and feel pretty excited about trying it.  Let’s give it a go!

The Chili

img_0500The label says it’s a two-bean chili and you can see some lovely images of peppers and onions in the mix in the illustration.

The chili itself has great chunks as portrayed.  I’m a fan of the visual.

The flavor is very nice.  It’s not overwhelming in any way and it’s not boring.  Is it crazy awesome? No.  Is it spectacular? No, sir.

What I find it is, is a comforting, balanced, flavorful canned chili.  The Steak House Reserve still has my heart with it’s bursting chili flavor, heat and chunks of steak.  But this is great and comforting.


There’s a unique edge to the spice blend that keeps you digging back for more.  It’s a lovely chili and with a nice topping of cheddar I’m really not asking for much more.

Overall Score: 8/10

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