Hooters New Smoked Wings

Count: 10
Flavor: Habanero Something
Dipping Agent: Blue Cheese

I had to try these after seeing the commercial pop up on my Facebook so much.  I’m a huge fan of smoked wings and make them regularly at home.  The key is the finish, either on the grill or in the fire for just a few minutes to crisp up the outside.  They will get cooked fully in the smoker just skin will be a bit leathery so gotta crisp em up.

I’m curious how Hooters smokes these.  I’m assuming they are smoked somewhere, flash frozen and shipped to the restaurants.  Then they are fried and served.  But do they smoke them to cooked and just flash fried? That’s another assumption I’ve made after trying them today.

The Wings

The wings were ok.  For the most part they were crispy outside tender inside, but they felt a little… over done.  Half of them the innards felt chewy more than juicy.

The shape and size of them were great.   No broken bones, no weird fat globules, no odd shapes, so they have a good consistency here.

Overall they weren’t a bad wing at all and I’d eat them again but

The Sauce

I can’t remember what it was but they asked which sauce I’d like and I selected the Habanero something or other.

Not sure why they even ask, these things had no saucy flavor at all, like 0.  No heat, nothing.  Pretty stupid IMO, step up the sauce game here Hooters.

The Dipping Agent

Shit, awful, pure crap.  Thin, slimy and a couple tiny flavorless chunks of blue cheese.


I’d say they aren’t bad, they are edible and kind of enjoyable.  The smoke flavor is very light but it’s there.  I prefer a heavy smoke flavor.  They definitely have it dialed back and they say they smoke them but it almost tastes like a liquid smoke addition instead of real smoke.

Overall Rating: 5/10


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