Wing Challenge Day 23: 7-eleven

Location: 7-eleven (12th & Tuttle)
Count: 5
Flavors: Buffalo
Dipping Agent: none

My good friend Mick challenged me to the 10 wings for $5 from 7-eleven yesterday.  There’s a stop on my way home from work (hint: A lot of things are, it’s a long ass drive).

Dude loaded me up. I paid my $5 and went on my way.  Ate ’em on the drive home. Well I should say I forced five into my mouth and managed to swallow.

The Wings

img_2425The skin reminded me of scabs.  I’ve eaten my fair share of scabs, I was a disgusting kid.  If they were going for that scabby texture they nailed it.  Flavor wasn’t too far off either.

The meat was chewy in parts and bread-like in others.  I’m not sure why, there was no breading.  Pretty sure these guys were frozen, thawed, frozen again at some point, thawed again, partially frozen then run through their baking contraption they probably refer to as an oven.

I avoided the flats at all cost, I was very fortunate their were five drums in the collection.  The flats looked really gnarly and I didn’t need that in my mouth.

The flavor had a twinge of ranch powder.  I don’t think they actually had any ranch powder just some “ingredient” had soured to the point of giving a similar profile.

They offered no dipping agent which is probably for the best.


img_2428The fifth wing got a big chunk stuck in one of my back teeth.  I had a panic attack and almost ran off the road.  I was gagging, it was horrible.  I ripped the christmas tree off my rear view mirror and used its string to rip it out.

I’d say these wings were pretty fucking terrible but they still didn’t reach the level of Domino’s so I’m gonna give them a point for that.

Overall Score: 1/10

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